At Darwin Honda we can provide you with a competitive salary packaging quote regardless of your employer.

Darwin Honda can provide you with an obligation free quote. To see how much tax you could be saving, complete the enquiry form and we will be in touch. You’ll be glad you did!

Am I eligible?

It doesn’t matter who you work for. All employers are entitled to offer salary packaging to their staff. If you don’t know if your employer is offering salary packaging simply complete the enquiry form and we will confidentially find out for you.

If you work at one of the following employers, you can get started immediately;

  • Australian Defence Force,
  • Northern Territory Government,
  • CDU or
  • TIO

Save money, pay less tax!

How does it work?

Darwin Honda have partnered with Salary Packaging Australia to provide our customers with choice when it comes to salary packaging your next car. Salary Packaging Australia is a full service salary packaging provider and has been managing the salary packaging arrangements since 2003. Our clients include;

  • ALL Northern Territory Government Departments
  • Charles Darwin University
  • NT Airports
  • TIO

With a dedicated salary packaging consultant your enquiry will be personally managed by a salary packaging expert from beginning to end.

Salary Packaging Australia will ensure your package is set up correctly the first time. Of course, you can always amend your package during the term of the lease to suit your needs.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging, sometimes called Salary Sacrificing is an Australian Tax Office approved way of minimising your tax. Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain items (Benefits) before you get taxed; you then get taxed on your remaining income, therefore paying less tax.

A Novated lease allows you to reduce your tax burden by running your car with pre-tax dollars. By entering into a novated lease you reduce your taxable income and PAY LESS TAX!

You could save around $2,500 per year in tax for every year of your lease.

What are the benefits of a Novated Lease?

  • Save money, Pay LESS tax
  • Personal & Private use vehicle – you are not required to use the car for work or business. In fact, you can salary package a car for your partner as well as yourself.
  • Choose the car you want to suit your lifestyle and budget
  • You can salary package a new or used car
  • Running costs such as fuel, maintenance and tyres are paid pre-tax for the term of the lease.

How do I get started?

Make an enquiry and our Salary Packaging Australia will provide you with a calculation.

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