When choosing what aftercare products to your car, it's best to consider the specific conditions that you intend to use your vehicle in. Most products are in fact suitable for almost every new car to help keep the maintenance and cleaning to a minimum and interior and exterior quality at showroom condition

Some products such as window tint not only offer improved driving comfort in the Darwin heat, but also protect against skin cancer and shattering glass in the event of a car accident.

Darwin Honda's experienced Customer Relations Manager can demonstrate and present the full product range to help you assess the best products for your new car and your budget.

These aftercare products include:

Window Tint

  • Reduce glare for safer driving
  • Reduce heat to maximise air conditioning
  • Minimise sun damage to your car's trim and interior
  • Protective film over the glass in the event of an accident
  • Protect your family against skin cancer

Paint Protection

  • Reduce stains from bird droppings and flowers
  • Make washing your car a lot easier
  • Dirt does not stick to the car as readily
  • Reduce paint fading

Vinyl, Leather and Fabric Protection

  • Reduce stains from marking your car interior
  • Fluids will bead rather absorb into the material
  • Prevent your trims and dash from drying out
  • Keep your car interior cleaner and new


  • Protects against salty air exposure
  • Peace of mind when living or working near the water
  • Protect your resale value